New York City is considered to be the centre of nightlife and nightclubs. A variety of nightclubs, sports clubs, comedy clubs, lounges and bars are found when you walk past The Times Square and around the city. Therefore, Katra Lounge is one of the most famous lounges in the New York City.

With state of the art sound system, the beats of the DJ’ed music keeps you dancing all night long. Strong drinks and flavorful cuisines make your night more joyous. Katra Lounge is surrounded with the best of the décor and comfy couches to let you relax the night out. It’s so romantic at this amazing and spectacular lounge. Whether it’s a birthday party, a graduation ceremony, wedding celebration or simply a friend night out, this lounge provides you with the best services and nightlife experience. The place and surroundings provide you with a sense of intimacy that makes you feel relaxed and relieved. Take all the stress out of your head and enjoy one of the most fantastic nights of your life at an incredible spot.

Step in Katra Lounge that serves you with a perfect atmosphere so that you can enjoy and celebrate your night to its fullest. So, get busy in dancing because every night at the Katra Lounge is like a dream.

Taj Lounge is one of the most magnificent lounges in NYC that gives its people comfort and pleasure of the best nightlife experience. Therefore, along with tasteful cuisines and appetizers, Taj Lounge provides you with music and drinks that keep you dancing to the beat for the whole night. Taj bottle service provide you with every drink that best meets your need. Taj Lounge is your step-in destination to go for drinking as you enjoy the music played by the DJ.

Make your nightlife experience in the New York City an unforgettable one. So, go crazy till you see the sun and live while you’re young.
Moreover, relaxation comes not only with cozy couches and sofas, but with perfect and strong drinks as well. Therefore, to make your night wonderful, Taj lounge provides you with the best bottle services. Taj bottle services menu includes cocktails, champagnes, beers, gin, tequila, rum, cognac, whiskeys, vodka, and wines. Taj bottle services also serve mixers with juices, sodas and non-alcoholic beverages.