Musical Nights in New York

New York City- it’s a city you can’t get bored in. And if you’re doing JUST that, then there’s something you aren’t doing right. It’s a city filled with life, vigor, and energy, and it’s time that you started planning your evening out with a round-up of all the best clubs in New York NY.

A night out with your pals is the best thing that can happen to you, and if you’re alone, there is no better place to channel the madness in your soul than a musical night out. With the best dance clubs in town, you do not lack anything. Techno, rock, pop, house – it’s all down the block. While there might be new clubs trying to get their way through the crowd, let us mention the pros in the field with the hottest shindigs going on every night.

From hip to hop crowds grooving to deep beats in Cielo to opulent interiors and trendy crowds of the Marquee NY, the Manhattan Clubs are the places where the hot stuff happens.

Since the five years of its existence, Cielo has won a bunch of Best Club awards, and it’s not without reason. With a sunken dance floor and a clear sound system, this place is guaranteed to be an experience you would never forget.

The most distinct feature of this club is its OVER THE TOP décor and lavish and exorbitant feel.With its cocktails and stocked bar as well as the popular electronic DJs, Marquee is a hot and flaming favorite among New Yorkers, more so after its phoenixlike rise from the ashes with major renovations.

Sullivan Room
This simple and unmarked subterranean place hosts some of the best music –deep-house, tech-house, and breaks bashes.Nights organized by Sleepy & Boo, local stalwarts, are something unique, so do keep a look out for them!

Being the city’s first eco-friendly club, Greenhouse had a lot of fanfare that soon disappeared. However, some events still manage to bring in the fanciful nightlife at the club.
Le Bain
A rooftop bar that’s still in trend, Le Bain has nights that can go wild. With a fun group and the right kind of vibes, get the most out of the stunning views from Le Bain.

If you’re a lover of the nightlife, be sure to keep in mind the international chain Pacha. With its glamorous look and global crowd-pleasing underground beats, it can make you forget where you came from. (Keep a map)

These pros can get you up and dance in no time. With grooves and DJs that turn the life on, be sure to visit them for nights of surprise, pleasure and a reverberating energy.

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